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Seawater looks clear blue, it is different from other beaches of which seawater looks greenish resulted from water pollution. The white sands with ornaments of the seashells are maintained well. The atmosphere of the beach is quiet. Wediombo is located in Jepitu village of Girisubo Sub-District in Gunung Kidul regency. The beach actually does not have such wide spread of sands. The west and east parts of the beach are planked by coral hills so that the spread of the sands is not as wide as the one in Parangtritis or Glagah

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The Sultan's Palace, or Kraton, with its grand and elegant Javanese architecture, lay in the center of the city. It was founded by Pangeran Mangkubumi in 1775, whose the son, the prince, was then called Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. He choose the right place for the site of the building, right between Winongo River and Code Rivera swamp area that dried up then. The Sultan's Palace stretches from north to south. The front yard of the Palace is called Alun-alun Utara (North Square) and the back yard called Alun-alun Selatan (South Square). The design of this historical building demonstrates that the Palace, the obelisk (the T...[more]
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Kaliurang lies at the foot of Plawangan hill on the southern slope of mount Merapi, some 28 km northern of Yogyakarta. This resort is a refreshing holiday vacation spot for those who seek retreat and tranquility in the middle of lush and green tropical splendor. As a mountain resort, Kaliurang offers accommodation facilities such as villas, bungalows, inns, and recreational facilities as well - e.g. swimming pools, tennis courts, and playground. Many people visit Kaliurang, especially during the holidays. Young people (like boy scouts) enjoy going there since this mountainous resort also provides camping sites and places for mountain...[more]
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Borobudur is the greatest of all Buddhist temples in the globe and one of the wonders of the world. Built around the beginning of the 9th century by the Syailendra Dynasty. When Buddhism decreased in Java, Borobudur was abandoned. Only then it was discovered by The British's Raffles in 1814 when he ruled Java

Borobudur is 42 m in height and has 10 terraces (10 levels). The three top levels are circular where the Buddhist stupas are placed and the seven others are square on which the reliefs of Buddha Gautama's life and love are carved.

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Parangtritis has been famous for long, not only as a beach resort where sand dunes, sandy beach and rocky cliffs meet, but it also a historical place which closely to the mysterious legend of the Queen of the South Sea (Kanjeng Ratu Kidul). Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, who together with her trusted right-hand person, the feared Nyi Roro Kidul, the ever youthful and beautiful queen reign over sea nymphs and spirits. The legend says that Kanjeng Ratu Kidul was married to one of the Mataram Monarch, Panembahan Senopati, whom she visited and communicated with on certain occasions. It is said that the name Parangtritis expresses a natural phenomen...[more]
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Prambanan temple is located some 17 km from Yogyakarta. Tourists can't miss the temple because it is only 100 meters off the main street. Sanjaya Dynasty built this 47 meters high Hindu temple in the 9th century. It consists of three courtyards. The main temple is located in the inner courtyard and surrounded by several small temples called "Perwara". Local chieftains contributed some of these as a tribute of their acceptance to the king. As a Hindu temple the main temple has three shrines, dedicated to the Hindu trinity. Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Each of these shrines is facing a smaller shrine for their vehicles. T...[more]
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This cemetery located on a beautiful hill about 12 km from Yogyakarta. The tomb of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, the third king of the Islamic Mataram Kingdom, is on the top of the hill. All the kings of the Mataram Kingdom, from Sultan Hamengku Buwono I until Hamengku Buwono IX and their families as the Surakarta Kingdoms as ell were all buried at the Imogiri Royal Cemetery. This cemetery was built in 1645. Tourists have to wear traditional Javanese clothes like in Kotagede. Everyday many people visit Imogiri and step up on 345 stairs to reach the top of the hill where the tomb of the kings rested. The tomb can only be visited on ...[more]
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Benteng Vredeburg (lit. Vredeburg fort) is situated exactly face to face with Gedung Agung. The Dutch colonial built it in 1765 during the domination. It was built in order to anticipate the cannon shot from the Sultan's troops. Its function was also to protect the occupation of the Dutch Residence. This fort is surrounded by moats that still can be seen until now. The fort is rectangular-shaped, with kind of citadel (bastion) on its corner, which enable Dutch's soldiers to walk around and aim a good shot. From the base of the cannon on the southern bastion, visitors may enjoy wonderful views of Sultan's Palace and other ...[more]
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The internally giant smoking Mount Merapi is one of the active volcanoes found in Indonesia, present its peaceful and sleepy dense forest. Beyond this, there is vast deserted land lies with its deep and steep valley spread out among the mountain hills where sibilant pines and wild grass make out the dominating vegetation, all presents a very exciting panorama. During its resting time of volcanic activities, it will enable those who have much interest in mountaineering to have fun and to make them more acquainted with the flora of its tropical rain forest. From the observation post located on Plawangan hill that can be reached through...[more]
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